Orlando Magic GM Has No Idea When Markelle Fultz Will Play

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I know I shouldn’t care about how Markelle Fultz’s career in Orlando is going, but the occasional update isn’t a bad thing. Orlando Magic GM John Hammond appeared on 96.9 The Game and was asked about Fultz’s Summer League availability:

“He will not play in summer league with us. We didn’t think there was any way that he was going to do that. We didn’t plan on him doing that. So, probably not the place for him right now.”

He then went on to say:

“…it’s just a matter of him just continuing to get more comfortable, continuing for him to get himself in a position where he’s ready to step on the floor and help us. And look, we have no idea when that’s going to be. We’re hoping much, much sooner than later. But once again, we’re trying to do this the best we can, and that’s have that word of patience.

Patience you say?

“We want to have patience with him and get him ready and put him on the court when he can be most productive.”

Full audio after the jump:

Shocked. SHOCKED I say. Now look, I think after the verbal beating the Sixers’ front office -especially GM Elton Brand- took following the team’s decision to trade up in the draft with the Boston Celtics to draft another guard from Washington, they deserved a bit of a hat tip for one good deal. When Elton Brand pulled the trigger to deal Fultz to Orlando for the recently-departed Jonathan Simmons, a Top-20 protected first-round pick in 2020 (via OKC), and a Cleveland Cavaliers second-round pick, there were plenty of Sixers fans who questioned the return, specifically the failure to acquire an impact bench guard like Terrence Ross or another first round pick from Orlando.

How about now. Do you miss the circus?

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18 Responses

    1. Russ would never allow that. He gets butt hurt too easily. Constantly pulling comments down. I’ve seen him revise posts and remove comments multiple times. He can’t take the heat.

  1. De’Aaron Fox was the pick to make offer that pussy. I’m not second guessing, I was first guessing during that college basketball season. He had a waaaaaayyy better year in college than Fultz. Somehow, everybody glossed over Fox’s speed.

  2. Why does this site promote gambling every other post but never offers any resources to help those with a gambling addiction? I lost everything following phillips advice

    1. Too busy shutting down user comments in order to bring you cheaper propane. If you do it right, the money you lose gambling can be made up on the propane. It’s a cinch!

  3. It’s a least nice that he sucks as bad after leaving Philly as he did while he was here. Every since the sixers dug up and signed the corpse of andruw bynum, it has been one shit show after another.
    He did at least pose with a jersey he would never wear.

    PAs always, fuck Hinkie. (Yeah, I know he didn’t have anything to do with either one of these – but fuck him anyway).

  4. Orlando acquired Fultz from Philadelphia last season, but he has yet to play in a game for the Magic, as he is working his way back from thoracic outlet syndrome and a shoulder injury.

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