Report: Sixers Playing at Home on Christmas Day

Per Jon Johnson at WIP:

This would be the third straight season the Sixers have played on Christmas. They were in New York in 2017, then played the Celtics in the Boston Garden last season. Great game, that one, and it pulled 7.3 million viewers. 

For what it’s worth, the Sixers are 17-14 all-time on Christmas Day. Prior to 2017, they had not played on December 25th since 2001, when they traveled to Los Angeles for a finals rematch with the Lakers.

I supposed the next thing for me to do is complain about having to work on Christmas, right?

“Wahhhh, wahhhh, why do I have to work on Christmas? Waaah.” 


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  1. If you consider blogging here (effectively summarizing tweets) “work” you’re gonna have a helluva time supporting that kid of yours.

  2. Poor Kevin. You’ll now be working your kids first Christmas day. Maybe you should unionize. Sad for all the workers who have to miss Christmas because of television.

    1. Please don’t use the term “Union” around him. It will only give an easy excuse for more soccer.

  3. I’m sure fucking Embiid will miss the game after hurting himself unwrapping presents. FUCK EMBIID FUCK SIMMONS FUCK THE FUCKING PROCESS—A A SCAM on Sixerrs fans

  4. You made a boo-boo in the story. Celtics play in the TD Garden, and have been since it replaced the old Boston Garden way back in 1995. TD was originally going to be called the Shawmut Center, after a bank, but it was sold to Fleet, and so it opened as the Fleet Center, until TD BankNorth swallowed it up. TD dropped the “BankNorth” designation in favor of “Garden” a couple of years after that.

  5. You don’t have to work on Xmas (I don’t say Christmas because the concept of god or some bullshit jesus christ is laughable ). You can quit. Tired of your bitching. You think Jimmy down at the nuclear power plant sitting there on xmas watching gauges so the joint doesn’t blow up and you grow a second head cares two shits about your lazy ass retread stories. Think again buddy. I bet your parents are deep down inside very disappointed by your career choice. They probably lie to their friends about what you do. How does that make you feel Kevin???

  6. Probably will take me 2 hours to get there. I wonder if they will open any food outlets at the Center or am I going to have to starve my ass until I get home.

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