Report: Trent Williams Doesn’t Want to Play for the Redskins This Year

Trent Williams vs the Eagles
Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

The division rival Redskins seem like a bit of a hot mess.

Earlier this week Zach Brown talked about the difference in culture between Philadelphia and Washington, saying this:

“It’s different here. It’s a different mentality. Last year wasn’t a good experience for nobody down there. This place is night and day compared to there.

“In Washington, there were cliques. Here, I can go over there and mess with the offensive linemen. The running backs are right next to me, so I always give them crap. I give the receivers crap, too. You couldn’t do that there.“

Now starting left tackle Trent Williams is apparently uninterested in playing another season with the club. He’s skipping out on mandatory minicamp, and this was reported today by Jason La Canfora:

Williams has two years and $24 million remaining on his contract. He has the 5th highest average salary among left tackles, according to Spotrac.

At CBS Sports, John Breech has more on this “medical situation,” after the jump:

The medical issue at the center of this situation happened earlier this year when Williams had a very serious health scare. At some point after the 2018 season ended, a growth was discovered on his head and doctors were worried that it might be malignant. According to, the situation was so serous that multiple teammates were told that Williams might miss the entire 2019 season.

Williams underwent surgery to have the growth removed in February.

Besides that one picture (on social media), Williams hasn’t really talked about the operation and the Redskins never commented on it. Between February and now, it’s pretty clear that something happened that ended with Williams being upset with the team.

Today a number of Washington players were asked about La Canfora’s report, and said this:

Uncertainty in Washington?

Seems like a yearly thing with that franchise.

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13 Responses

  1. Whoa, Kevin said Redskins. Hope you’re never applying at Pro Football Talk.

  2. you talk about the redskins like the eagles don’t have their fair share of uncertainty. Your “franchise” QB’s only full season was his rookie year. Every single week he’s an injury threat.

    1. Galaxy brain take considering the redskins lost both their starting and backup QB last year, in the space of what 3 weeks?

  3. Adrian Peterson and Trent Williams are very good friends and business partners. I would tend to believe what Adrian says. Listening to what Jason La Canfora says and parroting it like news is like repeating what Trump says and calling it fact.

  4. Let’s get it back to the Eagles…by talking about a rival team. Friendly question, did WVU teach Remedial Logic?

  5. Sorry Kinker, you have obviously not been paying attention to the redskins
    the past 15+ years.

    They are ALWAYS a hot mess.
    Daniel Snyder owns team, so they will never win a SB again until he is gone
    or quits thinking he knows something about football.

    Wish you well Kinker.
    Hearts and Puppy Dog Tails, Hugs and kisses

    -Samantha D

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