Skip Bayless Fell for a Fake Report About Man Boobs

Listen, sometimes we get duped. It happens.

But not all of us are national television sports talkers who fall for fake tweets about man boobs, which happened to Skip Bayless today.

Watch the video first, then I’ll explain what happened:


Okay, anyway, that is obviously not true. Chris Paul did not make fun of James Harden’s man boobs at practice. The “report” came from famous Twitter troll “Sports Talk Barry,” who posted this last night, after the jump:

It clearly says @SportsTalkBarry on there, but a bunch of people fell for the age old trick of just changing your display name. He got a bunch of verified accounts to retweet and quote tweet him:

Barry is somewhat of a Twitter legend. “Barry McCockiner” is another way of saying “bury my cock in her,” which is lewd and sexual in nature. You’d never find lewd things like that on Crossing Broad, but I’m just explaining this for the sake of the story.

In another random note that makes me laugh, Barry’s profile picture is the doctor from the Addiction Network commercials you see on TV:

Right, so just to recap:

  1. noted Twitter troll “Barry McCockiner” reported that Chris Paul made fun of James Harden’s man boobs
  2. a bunch of people fell for it
  3. Skip Bayless referenced the “report” on Undisputed

You can’t make this shit up. If it were true, however, then I’d recommended James Harden get himself a manzier:

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13 Responses

        1. I’ve never once referred to myself as a “journalist”

          I actually wrote this last week:

          “40: Most sports writers and editors have an inflated sense of worth. We are not firefighters or doctors. We are not uncovering Russian collusion. Sports is entertainment. It’s the appreciation of athletic skill and achievement. We can inform and write interesting stories without taking ourselves too seriously.

          41: Let’s not confuse journalism for sports writing. Peter Arnett was a journalist who reported from Vietnam and Iraq. Dan Shaughnessy is a sports writer who covers Boston teams.”

          you’re done for the day pal

          log off

          1. Did you really goto a 4 year school and accumulate all that debt to write shit that a tech savvy teenager could do
            after 3 months on the job?

            Why did you think Kyle made that lowball 40K/60hr workweek offer?

  1. Remember when kyle re-launched the site with kevin and said he wanted to compete with t h e a t h l e t i c ? says:


    Not at this rate!

    1. I thought gold reporting like this would have been in the “premium content” we were supposed to be receiving.

      1. Screech screech! It’s not reporting, it’s sportswriting! Real reporting is about pointless wars, or at least so sayeth the Kinkleader. I’d be mad too though if my writing was compared to Tiger Beat.

  2. So much so that Wheels had to make a trip to booth to console him

  3. if any one at CB went to a 4 year college to write this shit, they got screwed.
    especially if they have to spend years paying those loans off.

    Tell Kyle to have my fake ELO shirts ready for July 13th concert.

  4. Skip Bayless, you aging queen with a bad perm; Mountain Dew just called and asked you to stop mentioning their product. Everytime you do, it becomes less cool. And that drinking it out of the bottle with your pretty little straw. Get the fuck out of here, you bitch boy.
    And, as always, fuck Hinkie

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