I didn’t even notice this today until somebody pointed it out, but WIP has a new logo and some new branding on their website and social media pages.

The Twitter banner now features the station lineup with a slogan that reads, “The best team to talk Philly sports” –

Surely you gotta throw Big Daddy on that graphic, yeah? He’s been there for something like 50 years, or at least it feels like it.

That’s a typical corporate thing, though, just highlighting the dayparts or the “main talent” or whatever you wanna call it. Suits typically don’t give a shit about nights or weekends, which are very good on WIP and covered by veterans like Rob Charry, Hollis Thomas, Rob Ellis, Jody Mac, Jolly, Rickie Ricardo, Glen and Ray, Jon Johnson, Andrew Porter and the Go Birds dudes, plus whoever else I forgot.

But I digress.

This theme, the green and white colors, screams “Philadelphia Eagles” at me. WIP is the Birds’ radio partner, so I guess this type of MOTIF makes sense, though I’m partially colorblind and I couldn’t tell you if we’re looking at midnight green or kelly green.

New logo after the jump:

This logo also appears on the WIP website without the green background.

That’s all I’ve got.