Talking Game 6 Betting With 973 ESPN

warriors raptors game 6
Photo credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

I went on with Mike Gill and Geoff Mosher to discuss Game 6 betting tonight. Love Iggy and the under. Love it.

I wrote a bit more on their site here.


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  1. 97.3 is the best sports talk station in the region. Personally don’t care about sports betting, but love Radio Wars talk. Have you noticed the comments on those articles tend to exponentially exceed the comments that are on the betting articles?

  2. Is this a CB 1st – Kyle linking to a story He wrote on another site?

  3. Kyle needs to get back to pumping out articles, instead of trying to turn CBs readers into degenerate gamblers

  4. I apologize for the constant jibber jabber jibber jabber jibber jabber… …..

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. And yet he still won’t realize that he’s a fucking joke and no one pays attention to his dumbass pics

      1. Post a pic of the alleged Kinkee tweet,fam. Ish or better yet get off the pot. And I don’t mean the toilet.

  5. May want to tune in to Mikey Miss this afternoon. Apparently someone will be calling in to melt this closet racist into retirement.

    1. What if I can’t tune in? I certainly can’t rely on CB to cover what happens on any non-Angelo radio show. It’s like someone only has a crush on Ria Yoos.

    2. Ok so I did manage to tune in but Mikey Whiteguilt and Her Wokeness were nowhere to be seen. Color me officially intrigued. Can CB do some journalism and get the story?

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