The Internet Wants to Know if Joel Embiid is Engaged

via Instagram

Good morning, I’m Kevin Kinkead reporting for TMZ Sports.

You may have noticed a photo on social media featuring Joel Embiid and his girlfriend Anne De Paula, a photo that shows De Paula with a fancy rock on her left ring finger.

It’s a still photo clipped from his Instagram story:

My first thought was that Joel can afford something more expensive, though that does look like a pretty sweet diamond.

Others did some investigating and squashed this rumor into nothingness, after the jump:

And here’s another jawn:

Well there you have it. It’s not an engagement ring. What comes next is that people complain about Embiid not being in the gym and not working on “getting his ass into the paint.”

Here’s the video from the ski lift, which is pretty funny. Apparently this is near the Great Wall of China:

Reporting for TMZ Sports, I’m Kevin Kinkead.


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  1. No offense to Kevy Klickfeed but it’s still not clear to me why any sane man would get married.

  2. Yet another example of why black women are so..damn.. angry..all the time. Any brother gets some money, in business, in sports, he gets a white woman. The rare exception is a rich black woman can get a rich black man. If any sistas read this site, they would light up the comments section like it’s Riley Cooper all over again.

    And don’t hate on me, I didn’t make it that way, I just pointed out that it is that way.

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