The Phillies Seem All In On The Bamboo

Phillies Are All in On Bamboo

A day after Brad Miller’s bamboo plant possibly helped spark a 13-run outburst by a previously struggling Phillies lineup, I walked into the clubhouse today half expecting to see a plant in front of every player’s locker. That wasn’t the case, but there is now a larger bamboo plant serving as a centerpiece in the middle of the locker room.

Behold its majestic powers.

Miller told the gang of reporters huddled around his locker earlier afternoon that he walked from his hotel over to Chinatown to get the plant.

Was he surprised this story has taken off the way it has?

“Obviously, I know this is a huge sports town, something a little bit different for me, you know, playing in some smaller markets before, but I thought it was cool,” he said. “Anything to kind of show that we got some fight, we’ve got some resiliency in us, and it’s just a temporary thing. We’re going to get out of here and show our true colors, which I think we did last night.”

He also joked the plant has brought him more attention than he’s gotten after multi-homer games.

Gabe Kapler, who was wearing the same shirt he rocked yesterday, was also asked about the plant before the game.

This isn’t the first time Miller has gone to the plant for good luck, citing how it helped him turn around his struggles earlier in his career before reaching the majors. “I trust the plant,” he said.

#TTP Trust the…plant.

If the Phillies make it two in a row tonight over the Mets, maybe a new snack will make its way into the clubhouse:

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