The Phillies’ Top All-Star Vote-Getter is… Cesar Hernandez?


The first round of MLB All-Star voting is a wrap and the Phils are led by Cesar Hernandez, with 265,608 votes.

You heard correctly.

Hernandez has nearly 23,000 more votes than Bryce Harper right now.

In case you weren’t aware, the new format includes two phases of fan voting to determine the All-Star starters and will be determined as such:

The traditional process of fans choosing from a ballot of club-nominated players at each position is now a 25-day event known as The Primary, which is underway now and concludes on June 21 at 4 p.m. ET.

The Primary will whittle things down to a field of finalists who will advance to The Starters Election, which will take place over a 28-hour period starting at noon ET on June 26.

Where once the top vote-getter at each position during a single voting period advanced straight to the All-Star starting lineup, now the top three vote-getters at each position per league (and top nine in the outfield) will advance from that Primary round to The Starters Election.

Right, so the Phils need to place their players in the top three at a specific position to advance, and right now J.T. Realmuto is the only player currently doing just that. Here are the NL catcher votes:

1) Willson Contreras, Cubs — 850,613
2) Brian McCann, Braves — 269,963
3) J.T. Realmuto, Phillies — 206,442
4) Yadier Molina, Cardinals — 202,401
5) Yasmani Grandal, Brewers — 195,922
6) Austin Barnes, Dodgers — 183,692
7) Tony Wolters, Rockies — 96,117
8) Buster Posey, Giants — 79,768
9) Wilson Ramos, Mets — 78,957
10) Francisco Cervelli, Pirates — 54,395

Hernandez is 4th among second basemen, after the jump:

1) Ozzie Albies, Braves — 424,467
2) Mike Moustakas, Brewers — 377,983
3) Ketel Marte, D-backs — 327,269
4) Cesar Hernandez, Phillies — 265,608
5) Enrique Hernandez, Dodgers — 244,589
6) Daniel Descalso, Cubs — 185,781
7) Robinson Cano, Mets — 100,473
8) Kolten Wong, Cardinals — 84,517
9) Brian Dozier, Nationals — 68,957
10) Adam Frazier, Pirates — 58,785

Rhys Hoskins is 7th among first basemen:

1) Josh Bell, Pirates — 621,915
2) Anthony Rizzo, Cubs — 461,210
3) Freddie Freeman, Braves — 406,283
4) Max Muncy, Dodgers — 232,583
5) Pete Alonso, Mets — 157,347
6) Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals — 121,546
7) Rhys Hoskins, Phillies — 109,680
8) Eric Hosmer, Padres — 85,256
9) Jesus Aguilar, Brewers — 79,024
10) Joey Votto, Reds — 60,985

Bryce Harper is 10th among outfielders and Jean Segura 5th among short stops.

Here’s how to vote:

Fans may vote in “The Primary” at and all 30 club sites, the MLB At Bat and MLB Ballpark apps up to five times in any 24-hour period. Fans in the US and Canada can also vote on Google Search for every position, or up to 17 unique players per day, by searching “MLB Vote” or the names of their favorite players. Primary voting ends at 4 p.m. ET on Friday, June 21.


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  4. I voted a few weeks ago and figured this may happen. They put the year to date stats next to the names and Cesars numbers a few weeks ago blew every other NL 2B off the page, I mean it wasn’t even close..I assume a lot of people there to vote for their AL team who don’t follow the NL saw the same thing I did and voting for the guy who had the best stats in a position without a lot of household names.

  5. “KYW-tv does not tolerate discrimination. The freelance employee who sent the tweet no longer works for our station”

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