Toronto Sports Fans Now Know What it’s Like to be Philadelphia Sports Fans

via ABC

Did you hear that SOME Toronto fans cheered Kevin Durant’s injury last night? Raptors players had to tell those fans  to knock it off, because it was out of line and uncalled for.

Those fans are, indeed assholes. However, only SOME are assholes, because we wouldn’t want to let the actions of the few define the many, resulting in stereotypes being placed on an entire metropolitan area of millions of people. Let’s take a step back and use some common sense and nuance here:

As a general rule, we should skip Twitter every day.

But please join me in welcoming Toronto Raptors fans to the world of Philly sports and the battle we’ve been fighting since the dawn of creation – this corny idea that a few dumbasses represent our entire region.

For example:

  • SOME Eagles fans cheered Michael Irvin’s injury (but not all)
  • SOME idiots booed the selection of Donovan McNabb at the 1999 NFL draft (but not all)
  • SOME people threw snowballs at Santa Claus (like half a century ago)
  • SOME fans got into fights in the Veterans Stadium nosebleed section (but not all)
  • SOME people clobber each other in the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot (but not all)

The national media will tell you that these things ONLY happen in Philadelphia, despite the hundreds of examples of conflict taking place other cities as well. Just last week, Bruins fans hammered each other in the Boston Garden upper levels during the game five loss.

If Philly fans were caught on film doing something like this, the entire city would be lambasted as a wretched hive of scum and villainy:

Those people did something dumb, I’m sure they’re a bit embarrassed, and of course they don’t represent the fine city of Toronto, which is one of the best places to visit in North America.

So just a reminder:

  1. boorish fan behavior is not exclusive to Philadelphia
  2. just because SOME people act like assholes doesn’t mean all of us are assholes

Let’s give the final word to Steph Curry, who I think nailed it with this take:

Welcome, Toronto fans. You now know what it’s like to be us.


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  1. “As a general rule, we should skip Twitter every day”. I agree with this part of the article, but then where could anyone copy and paste from? Don’t tell me “” bc we both know soccer fans can’t spell that high.

    1. if Crossing Broad didn’t exist, where would you post your useless shit?

  2. I think you missed the boat on why people think the Philly fans are “boorish”. Yeah, you captured all of the events throughout history that the national media cling to, but the day to day moronic activity is really what sets us apart.

  3. And those fans who boo’ed mcnabb were led by the self appointed voice of philly fans, angelo cataldi! He’s always got his finger on the pulse of philadelphia!

  4. What’s best about Curry is not his words, but his mom. Yowch, unbelieve. Even my girlfriend has no quarrel with that

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