Turkey Unhappy with Iceland Because of Toilet Brush

via BBC

Euro 2020 qualifiers at noon today, United States women vs. Thailand in the World Cup at 3 p.m.

Turkey plays Iceland today, IN ICELAND, and the Turks aren’t happy with their hosts because they were held up at customs in the Reykjavik airport and subjected to a throng of media as well.

One of those “media members” was carrying a toilet brush and held it up to the Turkey players as a microphone, which makes me laugh:

They are not happy about this:

Personally, I think it’s genius. Get in their heads, throw them off their game. The Icelanders are savages.

People will complain that this has “nothing to do with Philly sports,” so here’s a terrible photoshop of Les Bowen holding a toilet brush in a media scrum, after the jump:

We should do this when the Cowboys arrive in Philadelphia for their next game. Let’s get our toilet brushes and meet them at the airport.


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  1. What’s with the mention of “Turkish football fans?” NFL Europe folded a decade ago.

  2. -Both have to work multiple jobs at laughable pay to make ends meet.
    -both live in worst parts of city
    -both like crappy music
    -both are fans of a totally irrelevant and boring sport nobody stateside cares about
    -both have patchy, pubic like facial hair
    -both have questionable personal hygiene habits
    -both drive funny little pick up trucks
    -both are cursed with funny little feet

    The defense rests your honor.

  3. The guy with the brush was actually a Belgian tourist – had nothing to do with Iceland except location 😉
    And what he had in his hand was not a toilet brush though it seems to be used like that in Turkey. It was the guys washing-up brush which he used as “a microphone”. When the Turks found out who he was they hacked his social media account…

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