Union Promo Video Shows Guy Obliterating New York Red Bulls Car

via Twitter (Philadelphia Union)

It’s June 4th and your team, your town, your Philadelphia Union are atop the Eastern Conference.

I know, I can’t believe it either, but they’ve been great this year, really fun to watch, a gritty, BLUE COLLAR type of Philly team.

The video and marketing department is also on their game. Here’s a well-done piece of #content promoting this weekend’s Union/Red Bull “rivalry” game, a clip showing some guy beating the shit out of car in Center City as confused folks watch from afar:

The “guy” is Ed Bassmaster, who I’d never heard of until actually reading the video description, but apparently he’s a Youtube star and Philly native.

On his Wikipedia page, I learned that one of his characters is named “Girard Douche,” which made me laugh out loud. I’d hope that “Girard Douche” stands near the EL at Frankford and Girard and crosses the street at red lights.


I watched a few videos and unfortunately “Girard Douche” has nothing to do with Girard Avenue.

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10 Responses

    1. Yea! Everybody knows Ed! He posts the obviously fake youtube videos that leave you wondering, “Wait, why would this be funny?”

  1. Oh “expert”… more people give a damn about your silly Jenner stalking reports than they do about an irrelevant sport.

    That’s the funny thing about soccer fans. They swear to high heaven that it’s relevant, and claim the phantom “state” prove it, yet I would wager that more people are familiar with the Philadelphia soul than they are the silly soccer team.

    “Expert”, if you want to create some truly riveting content, take your ass to the streets of Philadelphia and make a video interviewing how many random people can so much as name you one union player.

    1. if you almost hit a Canadian that makes you a Confederate fan not a Union fan.

      LOL sometimes I crack myself up

  2. Does the Union still do the silly thing of fencing off the Red Bulls fans from the Union fans?

    As though there would be massive brawls if the two groups of fans were to meet in the bathrooms?

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