We Had Another Phillies “Hustle” Situation This Weekend

via NBC Sports Philadelphia

Woke up in New Jersey this morning to see this on my timeline:

I don’t want to rip Cataldi again, since we did that on Friday. I will actually commend him for being consistent. Fake anger over a lack of hustle knows no boundaries, and that should squash the running theory that Angelo would never dare question the work ethic of a white player. Glad we can at least put that one to bed.

Unfortunately, it’s more fodder for Angelo when he speaks with Gabe Kapler this week, a conversation that’s five days away but already looks like a train wreck.

Here’s the play again, if you missed it. Harper is out of the picture, but I counted nine seconds between contact with the ball and Bryce touching home plate, after the jump:

Bob wrote this on Sunday about the play:

  1. Hoskins didn’t bust it down the line. Then again, everybody in the stadium thought it was going to be foul off the bat.
  2. Bryce Harper, who made a terrific charge at the plate to score the second run, had to do so only because he didn’t run hard on contact. He admitted after the game that he got caught looking at the play.
  3. Guarantee you Gabe Kapler immediately thought of Cataldi after this play and muttered to himself, “Jesus Christ. Here we go again.

And this:

I just can’t bring myself to get that fired up when over a 162-game season these guys don’t go balls out on every single play, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who will be. I’m also sure Angelo will double down on his faux outrage and call for a Hoskins benching tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for that riveting soliloquy.

More or less.

Anyway, it’s important that we’ve got all of this on background before Cataldi inevitably complains to Kapler about it, but for now I’ll leave you with this:

Happy Monday.


11 Responses

  1. So Angelo is actually admitting he’s NOT in tune with the fans here? Good, at least he figured that much out.

  2. But Hoskins patted his chest and said “my bad” afterwards. So everything is good now

  3. You are taught from Little League age on up, you are going on contact on 2 out contact, they’re also taught to hustle. Here you have over paid people giving it a half assed effort. Disgusting.

  4. I didn’t wortch the game, but was delighted to get more fodder I can fake outrage about on my show. Even better, I get to yell at Gabe Kapler again this week. Only thing that can make things better would be my Bruins wrapping up the Cup.

  5. Kevin, it blows my mind how you give this old, perverted, has been , windbag what seemingly are daily shoutout’s. The snowflakes here don’t even know who he is!!! Sports talk radio jumped the shark about 15 years ago……….and you continue to give this phony clown undeserved attention.

    Are you that hurting for content?????

    1. More glaringly, isn’t Ree-uh Yoos on that show? I seem to remember reading past comments about how her name is forbidden to speak of, like Voldemort. Is that true?

    2. Considering radio wars used to get a couple hundred comments, I would say that it is relevant to this site.

      1. What’s Radio Wars? Everyone I know who reads this site, granted small sample size of 2 people, only reads for the comments. Do you mean they could write about things that inspire more comments?

  6. The Snowflake Kapler is excellent on lifting the human spirit but my little league team had better baseball fundamentals than his baseball team.

  7. Hoskins made a mistake, but did reach first base…Harper made a mistake, but did score the run…..so once again, much ado about nothing. Just more BS to throw at the wall and hope it sticks. Cataldi is laughing all the way to the bank and the sheep get fleeced again

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