6 ABC, the Union’s Broadcast Partner, Apologizes for Calling Team Captain Wrong Name

6 ABC has been #1 in this market for something like 30 years now.

But the big story on Action News is a clip I saw on Wednesday evening, a clip about the new city-driven initiative to build miniature soccer fields around Philadelphia. Union captain Alejandro Bedoya was on hand for the announcement and on this lower third graphic he is identified as… not Alejandro Bedoya:

Alejandro “Pedroya,” not to be confused with Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia. And it wasn’t just the graphic that was wrong, Walter Perez literally said “Pedoyra” during the clip, which seems like it would be easy to avoid. You just have to ask him how to say his last name. The thing that’s really annoying is that 6 ABC is the Union’s broadcast partner (and has been for ten years now), so you’d think if anybody would know anything about soccer and/or give half a shit, it would be Action News.

Anyway, here’s Bedoya’s response after the jump:

And a Perez apology:

Shit happens. Good on Perez for the apology.

I remember one time at CBS 3 we reported that Jim Fregosi was dead, when he was actually alive. Then we spelled his name wrong on the graphic (Jim Fergosi). The person responsible was banished to the graveyard shift (I think they were trying to get the employee to quit), but then eventually the employee got his/her regular shift back after our boss was fired about a year later.

Next up:

Action News clobbers the other stations in the ratings for the 31st straight year.

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