Barstool Reviews Tacconelli’s Pizza With Bryce Harper and Kevin Hayes

I used to live a few blocks down from Tacconelli’s and would occasionally call the place to try to “reserve my dough.” Not sure if I was doing something wrong, but it look about a year before I actually got a spot to sit down and eat.

Barstool is big enough to get them to open the place on a Monday, and here’s Dave Portnoy with Kevin Hayes and Bryce Harper, reviewing one of Philadelphia’s more elusive pies:

There’s something funny to me about seeing Bryce Harper hanging out in Port Richmond on a Monday afternoon in July. Hopefully he was introduced to the Aramingo shopping district while in the area. And there used to be a banging seafood place a few blocks down called “Bait and Switch” that closed for some reason.

Not that anyone cares about my opinion, but I thought Tacconelli’s pizza was good, but not amazing. I don’t know how to explain it. I think some of these smaller places in town, (Beddia, for instance), have so much hype and “mystique” surrounding them, that when you finally get there you’re inevitably expecting to eat the best pizza of all time and eternity. And while the pizza is very good, it’s just impossible to meet the expectations created by that “exclusive” sort of aura.

Hence Bryce Harper giving Tacconelli’s a 7.8 and Hayes a 7.5. Portnoy gave it an 8.1, so go figure. (Although later in the clip they give out higher ratings to the “special” pizza, which I don’t think I tried)

But yeah, cool to see Tacconelli’s get a big shout on Barstool. Portnoy has also reviewed Lorenzo’s and Manco and Manco in recent years.

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