Big Baller Brand Appears to be Dead

I personally was not a Big Baller Brand guy, though I did wear baggy JNCO jeans back in 6th grade.

That’s not important, but it should be noted that both of these brands are dangerously close to joining the Dodo Bird and Passenger Pigeon on the extinction list.

BBB, founded by the one and only LaVar Ball, recently had a clearance sale at some gym, selling t-shirts for five bucks, hoodies for $15, and offering a $100 deal that included shoes, a hoodie, t-shirt, and a pair of socks:

Darren Rovell pointed out that the BBB website has been “under construction” for some time now, after the jump:

I guess this was inevitable, wasn’t it?

The prices were outrageous when BBB launched ($495 shoes, $50 hats), then Lonzo Ball distanced himself from the company after the firing of a co-founder who reportedly embezzled $1.5 million. Of course, Lonzo now plays for the smaller market Pelicans and LaVar said some more stuff on ESPN that wasn’t very well received, so the brand is/was weakening anyway.

From now on, Big Baller Band is vintage throwback apparel, perhaps appearing at a Kensington thrift store near you.

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