Big Daddy Graham Offers Health Update Via Bowel Joke

via Twitter

Friday, Ava Graham went on WIP and revealed that her dad, longtime overnight host Big Daddy Graham, had been admitted to Jefferson’s intensive care unit due to a spinal issue that was currently paralyzing him from the waist down.

Sunday, we got an update from Big Daddy himself, and judging by the flavor of this tweet, it would seem he’s in pretty good spirits:

Nope, it’s not too much information. That seems like it would be a positive step forward in recovery, yeah? Imagine not pooping for a week, and then it finally happens. Gotta be a great feeling.

Ava said she’s been reading texts and tweets to her dad, who also offered this over the weekend, after the jump:

Ed has been anchoring overnights at WIP for something like two decades now while doing his comedy shows and Quizzo nights and other assorted activities on the side.

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