Crossing Broadcast: The Sixers Win the Offseason and Nike’s Decision

Kevin and Russ break down the Sixers’ signing of Al Horford and Tobias Harris, the sign-and-trade of Jimmy Butler, the system changes to come, and quick hits on the other teams in the city. Plus, Kyle Scott makes an appearance to throw down on Nike’s decision to take down Betsy Ross inspired sneakers at the behest of Colin Kaepernick.

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15 Responses

  1. Hey Joyless, are comments allowed? I wouldn’t mean to offend the almighty cynch. On that note,what has more power on the site, a direct sponsor or an affiliate?

    1. Kinker’s definitely the kind of soy boy beta who’d pretend to like that tuneless crap to try and score some sorority snatch.

  2. A fella at the plant said they were.

    1. Most of em are. Best part about this thing is that nobody is watching. Their US tv audience is averaging 600,000. More people listen to the Cuz. Maybe if they’d stfu about Trump more people would tune in.

    2. First of all it’s soccer, no one cares. Second it’s women, even less people care

  3. the 1776ers are a racist organization with a hate logo. they have white GOVERNORS that own black players. they also have an uncle tom, house boy named Elton to smooth over their fan base of dave matthews band fans and the homeless.

  4. Also, Nike has shoes with the Chinese and Turkish flags on them… anyone want to check those countries human rights records? I know Kaep identifies with his black side which enables him from any type of research or logic. Just saying

  5. Wow. Hearing Kevin’s voice makes me hate him even more than I already do.

    WVU blows.

  6. The only intelligent thing anyone said on the Kaepernick situation was realizing that you had 3 white guys sitting around trying to (pretend to) have a worthwhile discussion about race in America. The fact that we’ve spent so long with rooms full of nothing but white people thinking that they could have a full and multi-faceted conversation about race among only themselves is a big part of why race relations are so bad in this country to this day.

    When did Fox News buy a controlling interest in the podcast? Because I’m pretty sure these takes would be indistinguishable from the ones over there. It was so bad I’m shocked nobody dropped an, “I’m not a racist, but…”. You should all be embarrassed

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