Dave Roberts Whines About Hector Neris’ Behavior, Says Dodgers “Took it Personal”

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Poll question:

Which group becomes more easily offended?

  1. professional baseball players
  2. Philadelphia Flyers fans

Kidding. I’m just kidding, Flyers fans.

But anyway, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts didn’t like Hector Neris yelling into his dugout yesterday after getting the save that helped the Phils split their four-game series with the Dodgers.

Here’s Roberts whining:

I think we played this game, this series the right way,” says Roberts, failing to mention that his players twice stepped on Rhys Hoskins ankle.

Also, if you take that Neris behavior “personal,” then you need to grow a backbone. That’s nothing. Shaquillle O’Neal once dunked on Chris Dudley then shoved him to the ground with two hands. 

This fake “you disrespected me” routine in baseball is one of the most corny things that currently exists in all of sports. That is my personal opinion, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Crossing Broad writers or investors.

Carry on.

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