Flyers Alumni Celebrate Coach Who Successfully Escaped To City Where He Could Actually Win The Damn Thing

This is so OB it hurts.

For real, if you were to cut this photo open you’d find the dried complainatory ink-stains from Sam Carchidi’s years on the beat a treasure trove of Bullies-era groupthink clinging to the notion that theirs was the right way.

Mind you, the Flyers jettisoned Craig Berube into the sun only for him to stumble into a bad situation in St. Louis, which he promptly recovered from and won the f@#$ing Stanley Cup to the tune of a South Philly Mummer’s bar playing Gloria in his team’s honor.

What to do? Follow in the footsteps of the great Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Kimmo Timonen, John Stevens and every other sorry sack who had to go elsewhere to actually win something. Berube being fired during an ostensibly progressive era where (LOL!) Ron Hextall, Paul Holmgren and Bobby Clarke were the Flyers’ top three hockey ops guys only to return a few years later to be celebrated for sowing his wild oats outside the castle is so delicious if not for the sadness it dredges up thanks to the realization we long for the days the team actually had an owner who cared just enough not to win in 40 years.

Was that a run-on sentence? Who cares. Good on Berube.

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