Here are the TV and Radio Calls of Bryce Harper’s Walk-off Hit

Bryce Harper Walk-Off Hit

Hello there! A fun baseball game! With excitement! And an enjoyable conclusion!

A 110.4 mph tracer off the bat of Bryce Harper made things fun again at Citizens Bank Park, if only for a night.

Let’s go!

The Bryce Harper Game. 

Play it for me again, Bobby. Play. It. For. Me. Again.

And once more, with feeling, Scott:

Not quite Rollins v. Broxton circa 2009, but Scott Franzke calling a walk-off against the Dodgers brings me to life.

Hey, I think we should check in with Gabe Kapler. Yeah, let’s definitely check in with Gabe Kapler:

“He was clearly emotional, and I understand that there’s been a lot of build up that led up to that moment, and I’m sure it was quite a release for him.”

Gabe. Thank you.

Do I care that Phillies pitchers gave up another five homers tonight? That the starting pitcher couldn’t last five innings again? That the offense failed to register a hit for six innings after building a big lead early? That by time the ninth inning rain delay had ended and Hector Neris returned to the mound to close it out the outcome felt inevitable?

No. I don’t. Not tonight. Shhh, angry Phillies fans. Not tonight.

:::gingerly places index finger over your venomous lips:::


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