Here’s a Great Malcolm Jenkins Interview, Touching on Pass Interference Replay and Other Topics

Photo Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles captain Malcolm Jenkins went on the Rich Eisen Show.

Really good interview, almost a half-hour long and worth every minute of it.

I thought the most intriguing part, and probably most relevant to this season, is Jenkins’ take on instant replay for pass interference, which you can see right here:

Transcript, after the jump:

Eisen: You’re already shaking your head.

Jenkins: Anything in slow motion is going to look like pass interference. It’s like any other rule change; we’ll see what happens in the preseason. Usually they’ll call ridiculous calls in the preseason, fans and players will complain, and by the time we get to the regular season they’ll figure out the kinks. But you look at situations, like critical moments in the game, where the ball goes up and then a guy on the other side of the field might be committing pass interference but the ball isn’t going to them, it’s on the other side. But you can challenge anybody on the field. I think that makes it tough, when you start calling things that have no effect on what the play was. Now obviously if you get a blatant call like you had in New Orleans, you wanna be able to rectify that. But I think it was so blatant that it was just a bad call. So to change all of the rules for one instance, I think makes it a little bit tougher.

Eisen then went on to ask about the opportunity for, perhaps, offensive pass interference to be called more frequently, to which Jenkins replied with skepticism, using last year’s lowered helmet rule as an example of how things are called differently for offensive and defensive players.

It’s a good interview. They get into collective bargaining, contract length and guarantees, and then some Eagles-specific stuff later. Give it a listen if you have a minute, or 26.

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