Here’s More Ben Simmons Shooting Video to Get You Pumped Up

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If you thought the Ben Simmons jump shot video was all you were gonna get this week, you were wrong.

Here’s another batch of video for us to go crazy over, which includes a three-pointer and a smooth fadeaway J, after the jump:

I wrote a story yesterday titled “Ben Simmons’ Shooting Form Still Doesn’t Look Great, But Does It Even Matter at This Point,” and I think people actually missed the point of the article. The point was that plenty of NBA players have had funky releases in the past, weird mechanics and quirky form. Shawn Marion and Reggie Miller were two examples I used, and those guys did just fine with their unique style.

That’s the point I think we need to hammer home with Ben. Regardless of whether he’s actually shooting with the correct hand, and regardless of whether his elbow is flared out or not, if he’s hitting 5 of 10 elbow jumpers over the course of two games, then it really doesn’t matter what the mechanics look like. What matters is that he’s willing and able to shoot open looks that defenders are giving him.

Thank you.

Good morning.

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