Here’s the Devils’ Mascot, Running Into a Glass Window and Shattering It

via Twitter (@aznpimpmaster)

Apparently the New Jersey Devils’ mascot, which is called “NJ Devil” (real original), appeared at a children’s birthday party this weekend.

The person in the suit got a little excited after throwing a parachute in the air (our gym teacher made us do this, it was dumb), then ran towards the window but accidentally shattered it:

I feel bad for the mascot. Seems like everybody was enjoying themselves at the time, then everything came to a screeching halt.

However, Twitter user “AznPimpMaster” says it was no big deal, that this event was his son’s birthday party and that he had a great time anyway, after the jump:

The Devils have been pretty bad recently, but at least they’ve won a Stanley Cup since 1975, which the Flyers have not.

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