Is Elton Brand Hinting at a Kyle Korver Return?

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Sixers GM Elton Brand went on the 97.5 the Fanatic morning show today.

He talked somewhat generically about a variety of topics, didn’t want to tip his hand too much, obviously.

But Marc Farzetta asked in a not-so-roundabout way if Brand was interested in adding a player “similar to the style of play that JJ Redick had, somebody able to hit that outside shot,” resulting in this answer:

Brand: We’d love to have that. Spacing is key. We’re going to hang our hats on defense, but when it’s crunch time you’re going to need spacing to operate. So we are looking for players that can space the court, and we are in talks with a few of them, so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully the city will have someone that they know and can receive them well.

Farzetta: Did any of the players you’re talking about have a Justin Bieber haircut before Justin Bieber? Just asking.

<entire group laughs>

Yeah, hmmm… if we’re talking about a player that Sixers fans “know and can receive them well,” then Kyle Korver certainly would fit that description.

The Sixers have two open roster spots, one of which they will keep open for flexibility when the season begins. But they could still use a bit of shooting off the bench, and Korver is that guy. He shot 39% from three last year, despite a drop off in production after being traded from Cleveland to Utah. Korver is 38 years old, but you’re not asking him to take the final shot in game seven of the Eastern Conference semifinals, you’re just looking for a shooter with the added benefit of being a veteran locker room presence.

Anyway, 97.5 doesn’t do podcast embeds, so here’s the full interview on their site. 

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