Is this the Leaked 2019 Sixers “Statement” Jersey?

via Sixers Reddit

This popped up over the weekend and the original tweet was deleted, but not before Sixers Reddit archived the photo and saved it.

Here’s a picture of what appears to be the Sixers’ 2019 “statement” alternate jersey, with a gold stripe down the side and gold trim on the upper body, plus a gold Liberty Bell on the waist. This photo that was definitely taken at the Camden practice facility, the building where the business side operates from, which is separate from the player area with the gym and weight room and media workspace. You can see the covered parking area in the background, so this window is facing north:

Last year’s “statement” jersey was the red top with the blue stripe down the side, featuring four white stars.

What’s interesting to me is the full “Philadelphia” written out on the front of this uniform. The 2018-2019 statement jersey simply said “Sixers” on the front, written in cursive. On other tops, the team has been using the abbreviated “PHILA,” which carried over to the “City Edition” uniform that was used in 2017-2018 (the white and blue jerseys with the parchment type of tone). Last year, the grey City Edition featured a circle of stars around the player number, so the word “PHILA” did not appear at all. Those were the Rocky-themed kits with the boxing-style waistband on the shorts.

So anyway, what do we think of the gold stripe? I’m not sure it fits the Sixers’ “motif” or “theme” or whatever buzz word we’re using these days, but I’m partially colorblind, so I would defer to you to tell me if it looks good.


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  1. I find this jersey to be offensive and racist. Its well known that slave owners owned african, irish, and italian slaves at one point in its history.

  2. Croatian Jordan would have looked good in this jersey….sigh.

  3. They need to change this as i am offended. Why put a picture of a bell on the jersey when deaf people dont know what a bell sounds like. Looks like the Sixers doesnt care about their deaf fans.

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