It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia: “The Super Mega Soccer Sunday Bonanza” w/ Russ Joy


Episode #84 is the ultimate breakdown of Sunday’s triple-header:

  • Union/Orlando home and home series
  • who makes way for Andrew Wooten?
  • Marco Fabian’s fit, or lack thereof
  • USA women as world fucking champions
  • edgy and woke tweets
  • USA men lose
  • difference between men’s game and women’s game
  • the Tehran Derby
  • Kevin’s three-game Casa League red card suspension
  • John Boruk’s Facebook column

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Audio after the jump:

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5 Responses

  1. At the county assistance office on the 1st and 15th….when the guys are all picking up their foodstamps

    The guy(s) who invested in this site must be fine to kiss that money goodby

  2. It’s always soccer on this phucking website. Please stop trying to speak this into existence as a sport. Even more embarrassing than the propane pim-pin (seriously how much did they pay you guys).

  3. the USWNT is soooo popular that whopping 600,000 folks tuned into their championship game lol. Thats less than the amount of people that watch TNA Impact Wrestling hahahahaha

    1. Speaking of TNA, and hearing this sausage fest of a podcast, it reminded me …Overlord Kylie has never explained why this site has ZERO female writers. Maybe in a few years CB can pull in a post-wall Fatty Natty?

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