JJ Redick Has Gold Bathroom Sinks

Photo credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

JJ Redick is no longer a Sixer.

He took out a newspaper ad to thank Philadelphia for the two years he spent in town.

Ironically enough, he didn’t actually live here full time while playing here. He lived in Brooklyn, and his wife was mentioned in a recent New York magazine article about a “class riot among the one percent at a Brooklyn preschool.”

Here’s the passage of relevance:


Gold bathroom sinks?

A $4.25 million Brooklyn penthouse?

Turns out JJ Redick is not a blue collar Philly guy. Also, I had no idea there was a neighborhood in Brooklyn named “Dumbo.” Sounds like a nice place to live, but it’s no Fishtown.

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16 Responses

  1. I used to work in DUMBO. Stands for Down Under (the) Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s alright – it’s on the river and has a lot of nice apartments, but doesn’t have much original soul left. Redick used to come to the bodega I went to during work – he’d listen to overhead headphones and mimic dribbling a basketball. Said hi once and he was nice enough. Anyways, the description of people living there makes sense.

  2. “Sounds like a nice place to live, but it’s no Fishtown.” Exactly, like you said, sounds like a nice place to live. Also “twinny” is so cringy it makes me long for the days of BuzzFeed Bendall’s “Kenny”. You with me?

  3. good riddance to this fucking soft as baby shit douche. He did nothing in the playoffs but shit his pants and lose his marbles in crunch time then bitch to the younger guys. What a great leader. Him and his wife are vapid yuppies, but i wonder if he had an “abortion contract” with her like he did with his first chick Vanessa Lopez

  4. I can’t believe this stolen article has received over half a million page views and over 750 thousand page clicks!
    Way to pump up the volume soul glow!

  5. Against shitty teams most in quarters 1 through 3. Tight games against good teams in the 4th quarter he’d clang them off the rim. Fuck him

    1. Bro…please stop ripping off my names unless this is like a clever riff on Kinker kutpastes.

  6. His wife has a solid gold bung hole too. Tight as a nun’s pussy.

  7. not sure if it was mentioned here, but JJ put in a nice full page ad in Sundays Inquirer thanking the fans for his two years here….class act

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