Joel Embiid Appears to be in Good Shape

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The Sixers had a nice offseason, adding Josh Richardson and Al Horford while re-signing Tobias Harris and others.

But the big story on Action News is Joel Embiid’s health and fitness, because this team ain’t taking the next step unless the franchise cornerstone makes it to the postseason in good shape.

So far, so good, as Embiid appears to be taking care of himself over the summer, via his own Instagram:


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Which modeling agency should I sign with?😋😋 #Zaddy #saturdayisfortheboys

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Looks like he’s trimmed down a bit, yeah? Nice upper body definition there.

Worth a reminder, however, that Embiid did look to be in pretty good shape last year. This photo is from June 27th, 2018, which shows a similar cut to what you see above (after the jump) –

That’s Drew Hanlen on the left there. Funny how all of that Markelle Fultz stuff feels like it happened years ago.

Anyway, Joel looks good now. He looked good last summer. I personally would not let him play a single back-to-back this season. Follow the Kawhi routine, let Al Horford start those games at the five, and lean on your front court depth to deliver a healthy Embiid to the postseason.

Time’s yours.


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13 Responses

    1. Remember when Josh Innes was absolutely giving it to Rita Houghes pretty much everyday. The dude pounded that while showing no mercy.

  1. Not bad for a fat guy that gets injuried twice a week and
    eat 4 big mac mealdeals every night before the game and has played less than
    50% of his slated game schedule as a pro.

    I feel so optimistic that i think the 76ers will win at least least 1 playoff game
    before Imbiid gets hurt..

  2. this site has become unusable since they switched to being a gambling ad site. miss the old crossing broad.

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