NFL Proposes 18 Game Schedule, But Players Only Allowed 16 Appearances

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This idea has been kicked around plenty of times before, but Andrew Beaton at The Wall Street Journal says the NFL officially proposed the 18-game schedule during labor talks:

Extending the NFL season? Yeah, great, I love it. I’ll never say no to more football. Cut down the preseason by two games and just go to 18 regular season matchups instead.

Problem is, that’s two more games in which players can get injured, and they’re already banged up a few weeks into the season as it is. Two more games per year = a shorter NFL career. I guess that’s the main reason for proposing that players would only be able to appear in 16 of the 18 games in that expanded schedule.

Does that mean we’d get two games of Nate Sudfeld? Two games of the punter taking a seat? Does Fletcher Cox sit against the Redskins, since they suck?

It’s very interesting from a tactical and strategic standpoint. You could also theoretically throw a second bye week in there if you wanted.

From a fan standpoint, like I said, I’ll take more games. But I do wonder what happens if you buy tickets to a game and the entire starting offense is given the day off. Would you be annoyed if you paid good money, then saw nothing but backups in a game that the coach decided to basically throw to be in compliance of the new rules? That’s a scenario that might pop up, similar to how people get annoyed with NBA stars sitting out.

I think the players would take a deal if they could bargain more money in return, or some other kind of benefits to make up for a possible increase in workload. And with the NFL getting two more weeks of regular season revenue, vs. preseason money, then they will definitely be able to meet those demands in collective bargaining.

I’m intrigued.

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22 Responses

  1. I would assume there would not be any weeks where the whole offense, or whole offensive line, or whole WR corps, etc, would not be playing. Common sense says they’d stagger players’ weeks off, which aside from the QB position, hardly anyone would even notice.

  2. Geeeee whiz…. I hope i don’t get stuck with ticket where the shitty version of the team plays……….

    KISS: 18 games, 2 bye weeks, all players available for all games.
    extends the season by 3 games.
    If brady gets hurt who gives a fuck.

  3. This make NO sense, unless they are trying to become the NBA. So the strategy is to pick what two games you’re willing to throw away by playing your back up QB??? And let’s say your starter suffers a season ending injury, so now you have to sit the back up for two games???? That’s how you end up with Marc Sanchez in games. More football is never a bad thing unless its BAD football & that’s what mandatory games off for players would be: “bad football”. WTF I don’t want to watch two games of 162 with Andrew Knapp at catcher or Brad Miller in LF let alone 2 games of 18 with Nate Sudfeld at QB.

    1. One thing is for sure…you can bet those 2 extra shitty games will be on MNF and that the announcing team in the booth will be terrible.
      the 2 shitty game idea of goodell’s is just stupidity.

      I’m sure it will go over well with season ticket holders.
      going from ‘sitting in dogshit’…..paying for preseason games….
      to just stepping in dogshit….paying for a subpar shitty regular season game… not a big upgrade.

    2. You’re probably going to wind up watching 6 to 8 games with Nate Sudfeld at QB is this season as it is.

  4. Maybe next they’ll propose the Pop Warner Mandatory Play Rule, where every player has to play a minimum of 6 plays per game run from the line of scrimmage . And they can send a coach over to the opponents sideline with a clipboard & a roster to make sure everyone gets in??? Got to get De’vante Bausby in for his 6 plays.

    1. The revenue issue is certainly not with the tickets. I pay the same for an Eagles pre-season game as I do against the Patriots in the regular season.

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  5. I would like to take this moment to apologize for my comments on the Mike Missinelli show yesterday. When I called him a meatball my intentions were strictly to insult his weight and Italian heritage. That’s all.

  6. How can we earn more money on preseason games? Make them regular season games.

  7. My ass is red and I swing from tree to tree. If you see me… throw bananas

  8. Goodell knows the fans hate the PS but he knows the players want more money and the owners dont want to pay up. Pure BS.

  9. So crazy pussy out and about in Avalon right now. I may have to rub one out under my beach towel.

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