Philadelphia Sports Power Couples: The Top Five

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Glen Macnow asks the question:

It’s a good question, and I think it’s pretty obvious that the Zach and Julie Ertz have skyrocketed to the top of the Philadelphia sports power couple rankings. Actually, I think they were probably already there, so they simply solidified their place after Julie won another World Cup this weekend.

Who, then, is #2?

I think A.J. Feeley and Heather Mitts are #2 on my list. Rodney Peete married Philly native Holly Robinson, who was not an athlete but became a successful actress, so they could be added here. Randall Cunningham’s wife, Felicity, was a ballet dancer (he once dated Whitney Houston, but they didn’t marry). You could also go with Rocky Balboa and Adrian Pennino, if fake boxing is your thing. Somebody also mentioned Bryan Colangelo and Barbara Bottini as a Philly sports power couple, which made me laugh.

Glen got some other good replies, however, after the jump:

Ah yes, good shout.

Kendrick’s wife appeared on multiple seasons of Survivor and athletically she did this, via Wikipedia:

She graduated from Archbishop Prendergast High School in 1998, after which she attended Temple University before transferring to Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. She was a four-year starting varsity lacrosse player at both schools, a multiple Northeast Conference All-Conference and Academic Honor Roll selection, and captain of the team in her senior year at Monmouth.

Kyle Kendrick and Steph Lagrossa is a low-key top-ten Philadelphia sports power couple.

Also this:

This is a good one. Jrue married his “soccer wife,” Lauren Cheney, who was a midfielder for the U.S. women’s team and won the 2015 World Cup in addition to a pair of Olympic gold medals. Jrue of course was shipped to New Orleans, which began the Process era.

Somebody offered this one as well:

Sure, I’ll take it, I guess, with an asterisk.

Here’s Fake Coatesy checking in:

Yep, we can add that one to the list.

And finally, about ten people made this joke:

My updated top five Philadelphia sports power couple rankings:

  1. Zach and Julie Ertz
  2. A.J. Feeley and Heather Mitts
  3. Jrue and Lauren Holiday
  4. Wilt Chamberlain and one of his 10,000 women
  5. Bryan Colangelo and Barbara Bottini

Time’s yours.

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25 Responses

  1. McNabb and one of his many boy toys… oops, are people still covering for this down low bro?

  2. Another quality piece of useless writing by our favorite Tiger Beat ‘Writer’ Kevin Kinkaiderhead

    1. Hey brother I appreciate the distinct name but just fyi watch out when dropping the dreaded TB phrase, it seems to really get permed panties in a bunch. Your comment might get expunged!

        1. Is it Kyle’s policy for staff to talk to site visitors like this, or is it just you going rogue again?

          1. don’t flatter yourself with the title of “site visitor,” you’re a troll dork

          2. You got him good with that one Soul Glow.
            Sort of like you’re a ‘troll article cut and paste “writer”‘.
            5 bills says that Charlie Chimp and replace you within the next week.

            Do all of the CrossingBored Ad buyers/cross marketing partners know that you inflate the clicks and page views for their benefit?

        2. This will probably be a contest for Glenn and Ray next Saturday. Caller that has the best Sports Power Couple will get tickets to Tommy and Me

          1. If it wasn’t limited to sports I’d vote Dean Domino and Vera Keyes.

  3. Where has Kyle been?

    No one actually believes those brutal gambling videos are taking up that much time.

  4. Who’s this soccer chick? I thought Ertz was mawwied to Cawson.

  5. Kendrick has to be top five since it’s actually real and his wife is HOT.

  6. Zach Ertz has a sister who plays soccer?

    Why couldn’t they beat 13 and 14 year old boys from Dallas if they’re so good?

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