Phillies Place J.T. Realmuto on Paternity List, Andrew Knapp Gets Start


When the Phillies open up the second half of the regular season tonight at Citizens Bank Park against the red-hot Nationals, they will do so without National League All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto, who was placed on the paternity list earlier today.

It’s unknown how much time Realmuto, who is currently hitting .273 with a .767 OPS, will miss. Major League Baseball grants a player to miss up to three games when placed on the paternity list, so it’s possible that Realmuto may not play this weekend, but he is eligible to return as early as tomorrow.

Realmuto was the only Phillie to spend his All-Star break actually working, so it’s obviously understandable that he needs to take some time. Obviously.

He’s just kidding – at least I’m pretty sure he’s just kidding.

Anyway, backup catcher Andrew Knapp, who is hitting only .152 with a .518 OPS this season, will start tonight and bat eighth. He’s 1 for 3 with a double and a walk lifetime against Nationals starter Stephen Strasburg.

Tonight will also mark the first time this season that Phillies starter Nick Pivetta will throw to Knapp. Pivetta’s 4.81 ERA in 24 games with Knapp behind the plate, while not great, is by far his best catcher split. The full list includes: Cameron Rupp (6.23 ERA), Jorge Alfaro (5.53 ERA), Wilson Ramos (5.27 ERA), and Realmuto (5.84 ERA). So there’s that…I guess.

You can see Realmuto’s latest Instagram post, which introduces his newest child, after the jump.


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    1. I’m a parent and this is sooooo true.

      However, I am not a vegan because I’m not a deer.

  3. Bullshit. He can’t spend a few hours away from this baby in a super important game out of the all star break? This is the life of a millionaire sports figure…don’t get pregnant during the season then. Fuck man, this is huge.

    1. She didn’t “get pregnant” during the season. She “got pregnant” in November or December.

      To satisfy your need that the baby be born in the off-season, say November, then she’d have to get pregnant during the season (since spring training starts in February). Try and keep up

      I’m sorry that he’s taking time to be with his new baby. Doesn’t he know there are morons out there whose whole life revolves around sports and they’ll be crushed if a sports team that they have nothing to do with loses!! HOW GREEDY

      1. Obviously you have a shitty sense of humour.
        Its called sarcasm Gump.

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  4. Well – this will put a quick end to the Phils season. Knapp is completely useless – and having 2 automatic outs out of 9 is not the way to go when your season is on the line.

  5. Luckily most of you guys haven’t been close enough to a vagina to worry about the pros and cons of paternity leave.

    Also, I lived in Portland where a local radio station hired Kidd Chris. He was pretty funny but man did he catch a lot of shit. I think half his show was taking phone calls from irate listeners.

    1. You being close to Rosie O’Donnell’s garbage doesn’t qualify you as being a good judge of character in this types of issues.
      Even if it was in your own mind and involved wet underbritches.

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