Realistic Targets to Round Out the Sixers’ Roster

Seth Curry vs Steph Curry
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Good morning.

Here’s the Sixers’ roster as it stands, assuming the Jimmy Butler sign and trade is completed as reported:

  1. Ben Simmons
  2. Joel Embiid
  3. Al Horford
  4. Josh Richardson
  5. Tobias Harris
  6. Mike Scott
  7. Matisse Thybulle
  8. Zhaire Smith
  9. Jonah Bolden
  10. Shake Milton (haven’t gotten an official press release yet, but we can probably pencil this in)

I see three things the team could use right now.

One is a backup ball handler to spell Ben Simmons. It can’t be T.J. McConnell, who was taken out of the playoff rotation after game one of the Brooklyn series. Two, they need another shooter off the bench, and three, you might want to look for another backup big for nights when Joel Embiid sits and Al Horford slides down to play center. You can, of course, play some small ball five as well with Mike Scott and/or Jonah Bolden, if you want to go down that road instead.

The Sixers have about $8 million in cap space right now with a pair of two-way contracts to hand out. One of those could go to second round draft pick Marial Shayok and it was reported that Norvel Pelle is a candidate for the other.

I like, after the jump:

Seth Curry

Steph’s brother made $2.7 million last year in Portland. He’s a solid backup point guard who averaged 8/2/1 in 19 minutes per game for the Blazers. He shot the ball at 46% this year and 45% from three on 3 attempts per game and played about 20 minutes per game in the playoffs. There will be competition for his signature.

Danny Green

32 years old and coming off another title.

Problem is, he made $10 million last year, and I don’t think the Sixers can afford him, not unless he wants to take a pay cut for another chance at a deep playoff run.

Wayne Ellington

The 31-year-old shooting guard made $2.4 million in Miami/Detroit last season and hit at 37% from three.

Edit: cross Ellington off the list –

James Ennis

You can bring him back, for sure. Ennis opted out of his $1.8 million contract this season, so you might be able to convince him to take something in the $2.5 to $3 million range. Ennis is a career 35.7% shooter who only shot 30% from three as a Sixer, so I think a full offseason and some familiarity with the system could help get him back to his professional average.

Justin Holiday

30 years old, career 35% three point shooter, made $4.3 million last year playing for Chicago and Memphis.

Avery Bradley

Only on a veteran minimum if the Grizzlies decide to waive him. His 2019 contract was for $13 million with $2 million guaranteed if not waived before July 8th. That date was pushed back from July 1st. Situation worth monitoring.

Austin Rivers

Rivers is unpopular in Philly, but he’s cheap and can handle the ball for you off the bench. That’s what you’re looking for here; you wouldn’t be paying him $5 million to come in and play serious minutes. He’d have to accept a bench role on a good team.

That’s about it. Not a ton of amazing options out there, but the Sixers should be an attractive destination for vets looking to play for a winner.

Any of these names do anything for you? –

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25 Responses

  1. I’d love to grab Seth Curry. Also think they’ll get Ennis signed. He really enjoyed it here.

  2. the radio stations are pushing that the 6ers are the best team in the league after this failure of an off season. do you dullards see how fake news shapes your realities because the moronic callers went from cardiac arrest yesterday to thinking they’re a championship team today

    1. Any adult that uses the term “fake news” needs to have their internet privileges revoked

    2. morons don’t put out lines in Vegas, and the sixers are already listed as a favorite to come out of the east.

      1. lol same morons didn’t have the Raptors coming out of the east this season. sit down dweeb

    3. Fake news? Who the fuck says fake news with a straight face. Only someone who registers “dull” on an iq test uses the term fake news.

  3. So we have a “transcendent”, “generational” point guard that cant shoot and can only push pace. We surround him with the slowest team in the league?

    I get wanting to get better defensively, but this is a little weird.

    Seems you can’t build a team around Mr. Transcendent.

      1. yes we watch playoff basketball, who is going to make a shot for this team? Insert Kermit Frog sipping his tea MEME

        1. Horford has a nice mid range shot, you just paid Tobias $180 million to make shots, so yeah, guys on the team will make shots….plus you have a center who can average 25 and a PG who can average 20+. Not sure what Richardson brings, but he was pretty good against the sixers

          1. how many shots did Tobias make last year? Insert Kermit Frog sipping his tea MEME

      2. Yes, i do.

        Having a point guard who pushes pace and a bunch slow guys that can’t get out and run is worrisome. Stuck in a half court offense with a bunch of 35% shooters isn’t a good recipe. They are going to need easy baskets. They are going to struggle to get them.

        Try to keep up.

  4. The Process Is Over People! It was ruined when they Kept Brett Brown as coach and Embide as the Star Player. He was dominated by Gasol and company. Sure, Horford is a nice pick up but Embide is and will NOT be a Superstar. No Rings Philly. Lucky to be a 6 seed next year!!

    1. its Embiid dummy and hes the best center in the NBA so i dont get your point at all. Also when did gasol “dominate” Embiid in the playoffs? Kawhi leonard was the driving force of them beating the sixers not Gasol

      1. I remember Embid being fat, hung over, out of shape, sucking wind and literally nowhere to be found in 3 games sooooooooo yeahhhh Gasol made that over hyped cookie monster his lady in the night

      2. Get a clue bro, he has no heart and choked big time against the Raps. He is not the best center in the NBA clown. Superstars WIN RINGS not Embide”s of the league. He is not i repeat A SUPERSTAR and never will be. Misses Practice Misses many games and know one tells the fans why. He gets sick for unknown reasons when the playoffs started. Get a clue!

        1. Embiid*, No* and punctuation. It would really help your terrible arguments if you weren’t illiterate.

  5. Big Daddy actually said Dario was the Sixers third superstar.

  6. None of these guys are realistic though at least you admit Danny Green would be out of their price range (but list him anyway). How about Andre Iguodala(dala)? It is likely he will be waived. Weird to mention Bradley but not him.

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