Redskins Insider Describes ‘Mass Exodus’ of Employees from the Organization: “Nobody Wants to Work There”

You just hate to see this.

According to Chris Russell, Redskins insider for 106.7 The Fan in D.C., Dan Snyder’s organization has seen a “mass exodus of employees in 2019.”

From The Fan’s website:

“Almost 40 employees behind the scenes have left since January, since they fired (Brian) Lafemina and his crew,” Russell told The Sports Junkies Wednesday.

“I’ve been told this by multiple, multiple people. Almost 40 people have left, behind the scenes. We’re not talking about football players or coaches or anything like that. … Nobody wants to work there. It’s a terrible culture.”

The Redskins fired President of Business Operations and COO Brian Lafemina in December less than eight months after hiring him. Chief Marketing Officer Steve Ziff, Senior VP of Consumer Sales Jake Bye, and Chief Commercial Officer Todd Kline also left the organization.


“Nobody wants to work there. Nobody believes in the direction and the leadership of that franchise.”

This is disappointing.

The Redskins are a historic franchise. They’ve won… <checks notes> …one single playoff game dating back to the year 2000. They are filling up…. <checks notes> ...74% of their 82,000 capacity stadium, which is located in the middle of nowhere. The team blows, half of the country thinks their moniker is racist, and they haven’t won jack shit since 1991.

I just hope those 40-some employees find better gigs elsewhere.

Here’s the audio:


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11 Responses

  1. The writer of this article is from Philadelphia! This is just an undercover Eagle fan who is hoping the Redskins will lose this year. Sure the redskins might not have a great year but the Eagles Superbowl win was a fluke and their not going back anytime soon either. Maybe you might want to write about the dysfunction of the Eagles under your owner.

    1. 222-176 and a Super Bowl victory, plus playoff success, is the Eagles record since Lurie took over. Daniel Snyder? 139-180. One playoff win? Yikes Jerry. Enjoy your racist ignorant ownership group.

      1. but who has more Super Bowl “Chips” as the blacks call it b/c the word CHIP is in Championship and blacks are super smart and equal!

    2. Just remember ‘Jerry’.,The eagles beat Bill Belechik/Tom Brady and Vince Lombardi/Bart Starr.
      Don’t forget to pull your dentures out of the bleach before they get ruined.

      Enjoy you’re 25+ years of dog pile play.
      That’s a lot better than a ‘fluke’ SB win.

      Wolf Wof Woof Woof!

    3. I forgot.
      There is no ‘hoping the redskins will lose this year’.
      It has been preordained, it is fact, it is a stone cold lock
      that they will not make the playoffs.

      When i see you at FEDEX field in my Nick Foles jersey, you can buy me an ice cream.
      But no ‘touching’……………

    4. Jerry fell off the jungle gym and when he woke up he was in the CB comment section. Coo-coo coo-coo.

    5. 2/10 troll, no way an actual redskins fan could spell more than 75% of “they’re” words correctly.

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