Sixers Sign Ben Simmons to Five-Year, $170 Million Max Extension

Ben Simmons in 2019
Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

“Yeah but he can’t shoot!”

That’s what you’ll read from people who disagree with the Sixers’ decision to max Ben Simmons:

(info confirmed by the team a short time ago)

Look, I know Ben can’t shoot, at least not now. But we’re talking about a 22 year old who can pass, rebound, and defend at a borderline elite level, and those are three skills that also happen to be important in basketball.

I think that’s the way we need to look at this; instead of focusing on the one thing he can’t do, let’s consider what he already can do as a still-young NBA player, then think about what his ceiling could be with a respectable jump shot, a shot that helps him unlock Joel Embiid’s potential by spacing the floor and drawing defenders, who will no longer be able to sag off of him to dig and double Joel on the blocks.

Ben Simmons is potentially a generational talent, and I’d definitely take the risk in maxing him out. We’re talking about a perennial All-Star if he can develop literally the only part of his game that needs developing. Everything else is pretty much there already.

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  1. Someone check on that dumbass commenter “Ben Simmons, Future Laker” and make sure he hasn’t been researching how to tie a hangman’s noose.

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