The Korean Baseball League Apparently Holds a Bunting Contest

Why watch Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby when you can watch bunting instead?

I have no idea when this clip is from (I think it’s actually from a few years ago), but people were sharing it on social media during last night’s derby, an illustration of what other baseball leagues do with their All-Star festivities.

In Korea they literally lay down two tarps that have numbers on them, like it’s curling or something, and the players bunt for points:

I like it. I think we need to add a bunting contest to our All-Star week.

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8 Responses

    1. Impossible, that stiff never had enough at bats to get such odd numbers.
      He was actually .100/.100/.100 1 for 10 with an infield hit.

  1. That’s actually really neat. I like it too and wasn’t aware of it. Thanks for bringing awareness of this, serious comment btw.

    1. She comes off sounding like one of the most unserious, unintelligent triggered snowflakes ever.
      You know damn well she is voting for some anti-American dimwit like Harris or Warren.

  2. um.. Thats not bunting when the ball is lobbed at the batter. Let’s throw like a 90 mph pitch and then bunt the ball!!

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