The MLB All-Star Game Did Not Get Great Ratings

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In fact, it pulled a record-low number, according to Awful Announcing:

Tuesday night’s MLB All-Star Game on Fox drew a 6.2 overnight rating, a record low overnight. Last year’s game drew a 6.5 overnight, same as 2017, and the previous record low came in 2016, when the game in San Diego drew a 6.2 overnight.

Not a baseball problem, however. People just don’t care about All-Star games in this day and age, as evidenced by the ratings for the Pro Bowl and recent NBA and NHL events.

According to Sports Media Watch, Pro Bowl 53 (ESPN/ABC) pulled a 5.1 rating, down 4% from last year. The NBA All-Star Game pulled a combined 3.8 on TNT and TBS, down 12% from 2018.  And the NHL All-Star Game hit its worst number of the past three years, earning a 1.1 rating on NBC.

I watched a bit of the All-Star Game. It was okay, though only two runs in the first five innings was a bit of a snoozer. Could have used some earlier action.

But yeah, people are just not very interested in meaningless ASGs in 2019. There are other things to watch and other ways to spend your time instead of watching a glorified exhibition.

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18 Responses

  1. Miss the days when they actually cared about winning and Pete Rose literally destroyed the catcher Ray Fosse to win a game.

  2. The purple headed freak ripped off chase utley parade speech

    1. That disgusting purple haired rug muncher wasn’t sure how to pronounce NY. Governor Cuomo’s name.

  3. Nice to check in and see this place is slowly disintegrating.

    cOmMeNtS DoNt mAttEr

    1. I want to see more of those snazzy statistics Kyle Broflovski alluded to in the other thread. If the site is doing so well, you’d think there’d be an influx of commenters instead of the same parade of us proud losers.

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        1. Ok I don’t think you’re the real Kyle bc not enough digs at loyal commenters, but thx for stats.

  4. Baseball (and you) need to make up their mind. Either there needs to be more offense, or games need to be faster. Can’t have both.

    1. I’m for more boring games where they have less than 5 hits, over 10 strikeouts and allow more than
      20 mound visits per game.

      Who in their right mind would spend an average of 1 day a week just watching
      this subpar shit?

      They need a clock on the batter and the pitcher and an automated strike zone
      and put the balls back to the way they used to be.

  5. Stop testing for PED’s
    Move the mound back 12 inches
    Replace umps with robots

  6. hmmm MLB All Star (which is an exhibition) viewership brought in 6 MILLION 2 Hundred Thousand viewers… lets compare this to the 6 hundred thousand viewers that tuned into watch the carpet munchers play Soccer in a championship setting… And these idiot women have the nerve to argue that they deserve equal pay?!?!?!?!?!?! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. How dare you! This is typical toxic masculinity that is poisoning our country! White Hereto males are racist.

  7. Apparently the managers of the NL & AL were more interesting than the game.
    In Beiber’s stellar inning it was an audio bukkake of love for Alex Cora and Dave Roberts.
    These TV segment producers all think they have great ideas.
    No you don’t, show the game and let the announces announce it.

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