Tommy Hunter Headed Back to IL with Forearm Strain


Look, I know that it was a tough one down at the yard last night. The Phillies were one out away from an important win that would’ve evened their critical series with the Nationals, but Juan Soto wrecked those plans. The Nationals even made a cute little video about it:


The Phillies have dropped two straight and 23 of their last 37 games. In fact, they have only three wins against teams that aren’t the Mets dating back to June 12. That’s three wins against teams that aren’t the Mets over the last 32 days.

One positive development in recent weeks – maybe the only one aside from Aaron Nola’s resurgence – has been the successful return of relief pitcher Tommy Hunter. In five games this season, Hunter has pitched 5.1 scoreless innings, while allowing only two hits. Small problem: Hunter is headed back to the Injured List  – with the same injury that caused him to miss the first three months of the season.

It’s fair to wonder whether or not he will be back this season. At this point, it’s also fair to wonder if it even matters.

At any rate, Hunter rejoins fellow reliever David Robertson on the shelf. The two are making a combined $19 million this season.

Edubray Ramos will take Hunter’s spot on the roster. In 17 appearances this season, Ramos has a respectable 4.15 ERA, but also has a hefty 1.54 WHIP.

If you’re looking for some good news, Ramos hasn’t allowed a run in four July appearances with the Iron Pigs. He’s limited opponents to a .077 average while issuing only one walk in 4.2 innings of work.

Yeah, I don’t know. I’m reaching here.


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12 Responses

  1. Why are comments on Kyle’s FanDuel post on the “disabled” list?

  2. Why does management get so angry when media asks about Gabe Kaplers job? He oversaw the worst collapse in baseball history last year, and is overseeing something along the same lines this year.

    1. That wasn’t even the worst collapse in Phillies history let alone baseball. Last year they played too much Fartnite. Expunge fartnite from the clubhouse and they’d probably be a contender, TRUTH.

  3. Another washed up never was who has just stolen money since he has been here. This organization has turned into a complete laughingstock. When the Nationals (the friggin never won anything Nationals) come into your ballpark, kick your ass without ANY pushback whatsoever by the Phils , and then laugh at you, you know this team is toast unless the entire regime is fired.

  4. Masturbates 23 hours a day, throws his feces at his playmates and belongs in the jungle.

  5. Sunday morning: Dr. Sonny Hill beat Dwayne from Swedesboro like a rented mule.

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