We have Alex Morgan, England has Piers Morgan

Michael Chow, USA Today

King jabroni Piers Morgan wasn’t happy with Megan Rapinoe’s celebration after scoring against France in the World Cup quarterfinals, claiming the following on June 28th:

Of course, the United States went on to beat England 2-1 on Tuesday to advance to the World Cup finals. Alex Morgan, who scored the game-winning goal on her 30th birthday, expertly trolled Piers and other wankers with a tea-sipping celebration that took about three seconds to go viral.

I was sitting there thinking to myself, ‘you know, these women are total assholes, but I love it.’ I truly believe that, and it’s one of the biggest compliments I can hand out. They really do not give a flying fuck about the criticism they receive for celebrating or taunting or expressing their political beliefs. They talk a big game, they play a big game, and they’re probably going to win the whole thing again.

That’s all you can really ask from a team. If you’re gonna talk shit or do shit, back it up, and they certainly are. Even Piers realizes that now, and he penned this morning what I actually found to be a great column in the Daily Mail.

Writes Piers, after the jump:

What particularly upset me was that we’d lost to a bunch of truly arrogant, strutting, preening show ponies whose absurdly over-the-top goal celebrations against far lesser teams like Thailand had already caused outrage during this tournament.

Its ‘activist’ captain Megan Rapinoe, who must surely be a candidate for most annoying woman in world sport, dictates the tone for this USA team.

When she’s not standing there on the pitch with her arms outstretched inhaling presumed adulation like she’s Lady Gaga at the Oscars, she’s ranting away about how much she hates President Trump or taking the knee during the national anthem in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Piers is not a Megan Rapinoe fan. Half of America I think also dislikes her because of her anti-Trump and pro-Kaepernick political and social viewpoints.

So the sight of her and tea-sipping Morgan dancing jubilantly on England’s soccer grave last night at the end of the game was enough to make me vomit.


Once the pain of losing to them had dissipated, I was able to see them for what they are – and that’s not just the best female soccer team in the world, but the best female soccer team in history.

They’re a ruthless and relentless winning machine; fast, powerful and highly skilled, and mentally so strong, resilient and determined.

No wonder they’ve won so many World Cups and Olympic Golds – they’re absolute killers.

Agree 100%. They are natural born killers. Ruthless.

Here’s the best part from Piers:

Now that I’ve calmed down and had time to reflect, I can see that the cold hard reality of last night is the USA gave England a lesson in how to play our own game.

I’ve even found the inner strength to have a wry chuckle at Alex Morgan’s tea-drinking taunt, because when you win so emphatically and with such style, you also win the right to have a bit of fun at the loser’s expense.

That’s pretty much it. You can say and do whatever you want when you are continually shoving your foot up every opponent’s ass. Until somebody actually beats the U.S. women on the field of play, that won’t change.

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22 Responses

  1. To Piers Morgan I say ‘Pip pip, old chap!’
    LOL!!!! Have a great Independence Day, folks! Enjoy!

    – Kate

    1. This team has 4 liberals on it.

      Root for them openly because they represent the USA. Hillary didn’t delete 33,000 emails and Obama didn’t give 150 billion to Iran and combined HRC & Hussein didn’t sell 20% of our Uranium to the Ukraine.

      Shhh… Antifa isn’t a terrorist group

  2. ‘you know, these women are total assholes, but I love it.’

    You got it half right, Kev.

    In related news, neither mens or womens soccer is a real sport. Equality!

  3. Not a fan of the muff divers sjw nonsense but they are making me some nice bank betting them . USA 🇺🇸

  4. Where is that guy who calls Sue Bird “Larry Bird”?

    That guy is killing with that joke.

  5. A fella at the plant told me the purple haired gal was hitched to Larry Legend. Was he pulling my leg?

  6. This soccer tournament feels like it lasts longer than the MLB season. Will be happy when its over.

  7. not the kneeling n1g lover but most the rest

    1. You know your ip address which leads to you directly is easily available here, right?

      1. I’m not going to doxx my commenters when there’s money to be made selling their info to Russia.

      2. Shut up asshole you’re not scaring anybody with that hollow threat. He can say all the racist shit he wants with no consequences and I’ll laugh at it every time.

  8. I’d like to imagine the comments section here is filled with one or two people with multiple personality disorder bouncing their comments back and forth at each personalities. Oh well, as long as Kyle keeps making money off views this shit will go on.

    1. If you want faux wokeness go listen to fatty Natty lol, but at least you seem to admit people only come to this site for the comments.

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