We’re All Having Fun with FaceApp’s “Old” Filter

via Philadelphia Eagles

I’m not sure how or when this recent fad started, but everybody is out here sharing photos that have been put through FaceApp’s “old” filter, and the results are great.

If you wanna get in on the action, just download FaceApp, select a picture, and then you can put a bunch of filters on your face, such as old, young, glasses, bangs, etc. And whatever with the security concerns; if the Russians steal your photos, so what? Sports teams and other brands are latching on to this craze and presenting us with great images, such as these from the Eagles:

Here are some more good ones, after the jump, starting with Doug Pederson:

Here’s Mike Scott:

Keith Pompey with the #oldmanflow:

The Flyers shared a couple of pics.

Here’s Claude Giroux getting ready for the alumni game in 2037:

Boban, courtesy of @PaymanBenz:

M Night Shyamalan:

Cory Booker after hearing Beto speak Spanish at the Democratic debate:

Here’s Keith Richards, who looks… exactly the same:

Rocky Balboa:

Matt Nagy after the double doink:

Here’s Jason Kelce as an old Mummer:

And here’s what I look like with a headband on, which is some combination of Tommy Chong and Pete Townshend from The Who:

We’re out here having fun.