Zach Berman is Leaving the Philadelphia Inquirer

Per him:

“Anonymous sources” tell me he will be covering the Eagles for another outlet this season.

Zach does great work. Asks smart questions, too. He’s the local representative for the Pro Football Writers of America and wrote a book about the Eagles’ Super Bowl win titled “Underdogs.”

As you know, the company that owns the Inquirer/Daily News/ is currently going through another round of buyouts and layoffs. I wonder if they replace Zach at all or just have McLane, Bowen, and Domo handle the beat while the columnists make their usual contributions. Surely seven people can handle the Eagles, yeah?

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11 Responses

  1. Hey KinkedIn, this article of yours doesn’t explain to the reader who ZB is so I’ll ask you directly. Is he a journalist or is he a sportswriter?

  2. Why is no one taking me seriously as a gambling goo-roo?

    My latest YouTube video has 19 views.


    1. I’m surprised one of the effeminate dweebs that work for this site didn’t respond to your post making fun of how many times you come here and comment to make fun of them

  3. Hello hello,
    I can’t wait to see what ZB does next. He’s a true talent. Spuds told me the guys a fuckin tripod too.

  4. Chapter 1: Kevin has been covering Philadelphia sports since 2009. He spent seven years in the CBS 3 sports department and started on the Union beat during the team’s 2010 inaugural season.

    Chapter 2: KYW-TV then terminated Kevin when it was discovered that he used their Twitter account to spew his racist brand of hate tweets. Since he couldn’t count on a reference for a respectable employer, Kyle gladly hired him to stay home, live off his wife’s income while cutting/pasting content from other more reputable websites. He is terrific and regurgitating other peoples tweets.

  5. Someone please take Zangaro next, I can’t take another year of him lisping at me in his comfy sweaters.

  6. While I know the Crossing Broad audience is 100% white, but seriously, is Kevin K a KKK racists? Or is this just BS?

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