Bryce Harper is Now on Paternity Leave

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Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Cue the complaints from fake tough guys:

“Harper is missing games because his wife had a baby? What a pussy! He’s not a team player!”

You know that some cornball is thinking that right now.

But congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Harper, who were expecting a baby boy. Bryce will be replaced temporarily by Maikel Franco, who was called up from Triple-A:

Harper has been raking in August, posting a 1.029 OPS with 20 RBI, nine home runs, and 19 hits. The Phils have won 6 of 8 games and now face the dreaded Marlins, who suck against everybody but our guys, so go figure. Vince Velasquez is on the mound tonight opposite Hector Noesi.


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  1. I mean, its fine but if I personally was making 20+ mil a year at my job and was off from November-March, I would maybe think about trying for a kid right before spring training to avoid this issue. But if I had another kid, I would absolutely take every day of my company’s fully paid 4 month paternity leave, so glass houses I guess.

  2. I mean it is a completely valid complaint that he’s not playing.. It’s not “fake tough guy” at all. Only reason players do it is because it’s built into the cba… If he skips, it looks bad…. Same as taking a contract with less money

  3. ^^ These three guys! Seriously. Couldn’t even go one post without being so negative and showing off your lack of intelligence. Don’t care how much he’s making, let the man enjoy one of the greatest, if not greatest feelings as a human. Baseball can wait, teammates will step up in his place.

    Congrats Bryce!!

    1. You don’t get it. And someone having an opinion different than yours isn’t a sign of a “lack of intelligence”. People like you only bring up and make things about intelligence to stroke off your ego and take vain, illusory reveling in your falsely self-perceived intellectual superiority because you need to feel better than others. They thought he should play. The horror. Big deal. Seriously, get over yourself and your self-inflated ego. And his teammates did not step up in his place. In fact, they let him down. You’re just another guy that thinks the world needs to bend over backwards to appease you just because you have kids.

  4. I am fine with it. This team is going nowhere so I would shut him down for the rest of the season at this point. Then again last night was such a disgrace that canceling the rest of the season wouldn’t be a bad idea to me at this point.

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