Eagles Fans Beat the Crap Out of Each Other

via Instagram (TheSpikeKing)

If we fight ourselves, instead of fans from other teams, does that make us less boorish? Less uncouth?

A question for the philosophers, perhaps.

This video is from Thursday night, the preseason opener against the Titans, but I hadn’t seen it anywhere until this morning, with Busted Coverage crediting somebody named “The Spike King” on Instagram.

Video after the jump:

Bunch of tough guys in this clip! And then a fourth person walks into the frame and says “fucking dumbass” before he steals the guy’s hat.

Whenever a video like this surfaces, one of these things always happens:

  1. the fight is uneven (i.e. it’s like a 2v1 or 4v2 or something)
  2. some jackass throws a cowardly cheap shot when the recipient isn’t looking
  3. one person is always wearing a random player jersey
  4. some girlfriend/woman/wife is yelling in the background

In this case, we hit on all four bullet points.

So what’s the deal? Anybody know these jabronies?


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One Response

  1. No class. No better than dogs.
    If you can’t handle your alcohol the NFL should suspend beer sales for the entire game.
    4th quarter prohibition is not working….

    Just plain animals….

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