Eagles Notes: Doug Pederson On Public Training Camp and “Unheralded” Players

via Eagles stream

Quick injury update from camp via Doug Pederson:

  • Miles Sanders injured his foot today but is “good”
  • Mack Hollins is “still working, working every day getting some individual work. I would expect him here maybe in the next few days”
  • DeSean Jackson was given a rest day
  • They are “still monitoring” Paul Worrilow but he is “doing well”
  • RE: Corey Clement, “no timetable on when he can come back”

Later in today’s press conference Doug Pederson was asked about the decision to cut down public training camp to one day only, to which he replied, after the jump:

There are a lot of factors that go into it as far as even the field, being on the field for a couple (sessions)… we have a preseason game in between. I know we had the (Rolling Stones) concert over there, things like that. So just a lot of factors we take into consideration when we make these decisions. Obviously, it’s a great situation for our fans when we go over there a couple times, and we love practicing in front of our fans. We love having all the people here. It’s just unfortunate we just had the decision this year to go to one.

It’s not Doug’s call, obviously, since that’s a business decision that goes above and beyond the coaching staff. And his answer I guess is good enough, though I still would like to hear somebody from the Eagles organization, anybody really, just say, ‘you know what, we understand why training camp was important to the fans, and we’re sorry that things have evolved this way.Something about the whole change feels “dismissive” to me, unless I’m the one who’s off-base here.

Doug was also asked about “unheralded” guys at camp through one week, and while coaches typically avoid naming names at this point in the season, he gave this answer:

I think there have been a lot of guys honestly. Gosh, I hate to start singling guys out. I mentioned — I think (Carlton) Agudosi is a kid that’s showed up a little bit here from a receiver standpoint. Marken Michel is another one. These guys have really busted their tail to put themselves in a position to help us and help themselves, obviously, make decisions tough. You’re looking on the back end, I think even a veteran like Andrew Sendejo who is coming in as a free agent and picking up our defense and learning the defense and making the calls and feeling comfortable back there. I think even though he’s a veteran player, I think that’s a plus for us. Even Jordan Howard coming in and understanding his role and what he’s capable of doing. Andre Dillard obviously is a bright spot. He’s getting better every single day. He’s competing. Is it pretty all the time? It’s not. But at least he’s understanding his role and what he’s expected of. And there are other guys, but those guys have really – and then others – have really stepped up and done a nice job for us.

Here’s the full audio for your listening pleasure:

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