“I’m Not Even Sexist,” Says Guy Who Sends Cringeworthy Messages to the Phillies Instagram Account

via Phillies Instagram

Evergreen headline, I know.

Guy sends cringeworthy Instagram message” doesn’t exactly narrow things down in 2019, since a lot of weirdos are posting God-knows-what via social media.

But anyway, Meaghan Tullis does social media for the Philadelphia Phillies, and on the team Instagram account, there’s a video story showing the opening of a pine tar bag with a caption reading “ew so much pine tar.” The reason you’d say “ew” is because, well, pine tar is sticky and sloppy and not easily handled as a blackish-brown viscous liquid.

Tullis, on her personal Twitter account, shared a dumb message a fan sent in response to that Instagram clip, which you can see after the jump:

Says the creeper:

“U gotta understand youre posting for an mlb team here. I think it’s great they have girls doing social media but like a lot of the fan base is men and a lot of those men played baseball so like this rly isn’t an “ew”. But other than that good job.”

That last part made me laugh. “But other than that good job.

Here’s Tullis’ response, not to the guy, but on her page:

But wait, there’s more.

Apparently creeper guy has struck before, also sending this message to the social media staff, which was shared by another female Phillies employee:

Lmao! Holy hell.

Listen man, if you have to start a sentence with “I’m not even (insert word here), but…” then it’s probably a good idea to not type what you were going to type.

So to recap, there’s a creeper trying to mansplain to female employees via the Phillies Instagram account. In related news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

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