In 2019, Jake Arrieta and Four Sixers are Philadelphia’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

An intern over at the Philadelphia Business Journal put together a list of the top-25 highest paid Philadelphia athletes for 2019.

Bryce Harper’s gotta be #1, right? Nope.

Of course he’s got the monstrous 13-year, $330 million deal, but it only pays him $11.5 million this year, which lands him at #11 overall. Next year he’ll shoot up the charts when the contract begins paying him $27 million a season.

Here are the top ten highest paid Philly athletes for 2019, after the jump:

  1. Tobias Harris – $36 million
  2. Ben Simmons – $34 milllion
  3. Joel Embiid – $29.5 million
  4. Al Horford – $27.2 million
  5. Jake Arrieta – $25 million
  6. Carson Wentz – $17 million
  7. Fletcher Cox – $15.6 million
  8. Jean Segura – $14.9 million
  9. Lane Johnson – $14.2 million
  10. Jay Bruce – $14 million

There are only two Flyers on the list, with Jake Voracek at #19 ($9.2 million) and Kevin Hayes at #21 ($9 million). Tommy Hunter, Juan Nicasio, and David Robertson all made the list, which is something else. The highest-paid Union player is Marco Fabian, who earns $2.2 million and fell well outside of the top 25.

Not exactly new information, but it’s interesting to factor in the new Sixers contracts and then write out the list this way, instead of total dollars over the course of each individual deal.

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  1. wow …all that bullpen money on the DL …it’s not the main factor Phils are average but it’s a big one …if Hunter, Robertson, Dominguez and Neshek are healthy, the BP is light years better given their career track records

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