Jim Salisbury Hints at Possible Phillies News – “The Situation Seems Ripe”

Bill Streicher - USA Today Sports

Jim Salisbury is very typically plugged in when it comes to Phillies news.

The NBC Sports Philadelphia veteran reporter dropped a story late last night titled “Phillies’ disappointing road trip makes you wonder what Monday will bring,” which is a combination weekend recap, Jake Arrieta quote piece, and a bit of pseudo-hint dropping.

This was the first interesting nugget from the story:

Things have gone so badly for the Phillies lately that you have to wonder if the front office will use the opportunity of an off day on Monday to shake some things up with possibly a coaching change or a personnel move.

Just something maybe to keep an eye on. The situation seems ripe. The Phils are two games out of the NL wild-card chase, trailing two teams. There are 44 games left and as bad as things have been, manager Gabe Kapler is still full of fight.


Well I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched this Phillies shit show in a long time, but I can feel the disdain for Gabe Kapler oozing through my computer. It seeps out of the screen and enters my being via osmosis, or something related. I get the feeling that removing the manager would be very much welcomed by the fan base at this here point in time.

Salisbury then seems to suggest that Arrieta might not be long for this season, and I’ll pick it up with this quote, after the jump:

“The offense put up enough runs to win the game. I just wasn’t able to get through my share of the outing and preserve the lead.”

After his previous starts, Arrieta has always been adamant that he wants to keep pitching with the bone spur. He plans corrective surgery in the offseason.

But after this one, he hedged when asked if he would keep pitching.

“I don’t necessarily want to make a decision right now,” he said. “We’ll have the off day Monday and maybe have a conversation on Tuesday.”

Yeah, well it’s not like the Phillies are getting much out of Arrieta right now. He’s given up 16 runs in his last three starts, allowing 9 runs while failing to make it past the fifth inning.

Jim Salisbury… he knows something.

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