Let’s Build Our Sixers All-Time Starting Lineup

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Hey, let’s have some fun here.

NBA TV is celebrating Sixers “team day” on this Thursday, and as such they would like us to create our starting Sixers lineup from a crop of 15 players who cost a certain amount of “points.” How are you gonna use these points to build a well-rounded squad?

Here are the candidates:

I would have put Andrew Toney on the list, but anyway, here’s what I came up with while trying to flesh out a starting five with everybody at a realistic position (after the jump):

  • center: Wilt Chamberlain (5 points)
  • forward: Dr. J (5 points)
  • forward: Iggy (1 point)
  • shooting guard: Hal Greer (3 points)
  • point guard: Ben Simmons (1 point)

I just can’t take Allen Iverson over Wilt and Dr. J. Same with Moses Malone (RIP) and Charles Barkley, as great as they were.

And Hal Greer (also RIP) was a 10-time All-Star who played 92 playoff games while averaging 20.4 points. He goes in as my shooting guard, while Ben Simmons and Andre Iguodala fill out the roster as cheap one-pointers. That’s a starting five that can pass the hell out of the ball with a dominant, all-time center anchoring the front court.

But it’s a good exercise, and it’s interesting going through the responses and seeing how people value contemporaries like Iverson and Joel Embiid vs. the all-timers like Moses and Wilt.

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