Minnesota Ran the “Philly Special” Last Night

via Fox Sports


I’ve seen this play before.

Here’s Minnesota running the Philly Special for a two-point conversion in their 28-21 win over the South Dakota State Jack Rabbits:

Of course many people were quick to point out that the “Philly Special” was not invented by Doug Pederson, or anybody in Philadelphia. It’s a play that has existed at the college and high school football level for some time:

Mr. Sallee is correct, HOWEVER –

The reason why it’s now universally known as the Philly Special, in my opinion, is because the Birds executed it to perfection on the biggest possible stage. Theirs was not a two-point conversion, but an incredibly ballsy trick play called in a high stakes scenario. An Eagles touchdowwwwwwwwwwwwn.

That’s why the play is now called the Philly Special, from here to eternity.

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