RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Decimates Howard Eskin

DING DING DING! Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Missanelli came out spitting fire in the 4 o’clock hour today. After leading off with a violation on Todd Zolecki for referring to the recently fired Phillies hitting coach John Mallee as “Maehls”, Philadelphia’s OUTRIGHT leader set his sights on former nemesis Howard Eskin who, as usual, showed up to a press conference with little rhyme or reason:

Missanelli: There’s this one guy that asks questions, right? You can shut this guy down right away. If I’m Kapler or Klentak and this dude comes into a press conference cause he’s got no life at all and goes into a press conference with absolutely no reason to be at the press conference and ask questions, I’d go, “Excuse me. Do you actually have a job? Is there a job that you have? Oh. You’re on one hour at 6 o’clock in the morning on Saturdays? And you’re here? Why?” Why don’t they shut the dude down instead of putting up with his nonsense?

Missanelli’s producer Tyrone Johnson then took on the “bombshell” that Eskin alluded to in his rambling press conference question/comment:

After the jump:

Tyrone: And this big thing that’s gonna leak out was that when Gabe Kapler was a TV analyst, he said that they should make a change with the manager the same year that the team actually did. So he was actually correct. That was the bombshell, that as a TV analyst [he made an analysis].

Missanelli: What is he there for? You don’t have a job. Stay home. Do something. Watch Bar Rescue. Whatever.

I think former WWE announcer Jim Ross put it best:


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  1. Says the guy who only works 4 hours a day asking Charles Barkley what it was like to meet Stormy Daniels?

    Embarrassing show.

  2. That Cuomo fredo video reminded me of mike miss .

    Nice to see the comments back on the articles

  3. Sick of Chris from Williamstown and Jimmy from Mt. Holly being allowed to constantly call both stations says:

    The only reason that turd Howard Eskin is still around wip is because of his son(Spike Eskin) caving in to his father begging him for a few hours a week to get on the air.

  4. Wow… sports talk radio is soooo sad right about now!!!975 the phantics…SUCKS!!!wip 94.1…SUCKS!!!

  5. I forgot to mention (sorry), doesn’t Mike Miss look like Count Chocula from the cereal?

  6. Kyle Scott,
    Not Sure if u will come across this but if u do I want u 2 know that the site & blog is losing its allure each and every day on a daily basis. Everytime I come check it out, the blog is nothing but brief promo ads from sportsbooks strategically placed 2 draw degenerate gamblers. Not 2 mention the clear motive of producing as much income as possible from ur sponsors consisting of Sugarhouse Casino, Draft Kings, & some awful propane company- 1 which u & ur staff claim 2 personally use which is a flat out lie. Today I visited the site multiple times, only 2 miss out on newer posts bc 4 whatever reason, the older story regarding Alex Rodriguez & his ability 2 manage the Philies in a better manner. This was fucking dumb! Story was boring 2 begin with yet some1 on ur behalf decided 2 leave the horrendous post at the top of the page. I later scrolled down 2 see new stuff has been added below the A-Rod story…. KYLE! Please get it together! The site was dramatically better a few years ago. You dont need all these people you hired as writers, its entirely too much and overwhelming 2 deal with all the various individuals. I was looking forward 2 hearing the Mike Miss- Eskin radio war clip,.gis never came 2 fruition considering there was NO FUCKING CLIP TO BE PLAYED!!!!! You’re losing a faithful reader whose been with u from the start, If I dont beginning. Hopefully you see thisb& consider everything I pointed about 4 the love of God take down the A story, or at the very least put the new postings ahead of that garbage!!! Btw how do I become a writers? TIGHTEN THE FUCK UP FELLAS!!!!!!

    1. Why take all that time to write that long message and still feel the need to use numbers to replace words. Did it save you that much time?

    2. If you’d like to be taken seriously, maybe consider writing like you aren’t 11 years old. I generally agree with your point but the fact that you write like that makes me disregard everything you said.

  7. Eskin has left way more of a mark on Philly than Missanelli ever has or ever will.

    Also, he’s the only guy in town who actually asks real question. Like “Hey Ben, when are you gonna practice your shot” instead of questions about his pet dog.

    Mike Miss is a dope and a fraud!

  8. missanelli hates eskin bc he’s eskin…wait until he rules the 6am Saturday slot in 10 years

  9. the king is the man and hardest working media member in philly. MM so jealous of the wolf man.

  10. So this the second time Kyle has pulled the comments section, or tried to make signing up harder, only for it to return. He keeps saying that the people that comment make up only a small portion, but yet it keeps coming back. Kyle can you just admit that the comments, as bad as they might be, are a bigger driver for this site than any of the people you hired to write for you. You could fire everyone of them, post just a title labeled “radio wars” with a comments section, and get better traffic than some breakdown of the Sixers game. Embrace what your site is and stop trying to become something it never will.

    1. They do – right down to the constant soccer content that 10 people care about. It’s sad, really. Not even a poor man’s Deadspin.

  11. Missanelli basically stole Eskin’s entire persona – both on air and off. Mikey, you’re as fake as your hair plugs. Time for both of these dinosaurs to find a spot to rest!

  12. The comment section is back and a radio wars post on the same day? Wow, page views must’ve really been down then

    1. I heard Kyle is bringing back Jim Adair to complete the heyday trifecta. And it probably wouldn’t be a bad move. Is anyone saying “I have to see what Russ and crew think on the subject?” Jim was a moron who knew his role. Something Kyle could learn.

  13. 2 hours on Saturday. An hour spot on Monday between 6-7pm. A 15 minute call-in to the morning show and 15 minute call-in the midday show. And let’s not forget his sideline gig during the football season. It is funny as he tries to make himself the center of attention at all these team news conferences. He is the oldest sportstalk show host still in town at 68 years old.

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